Ep: 054 - a Little Tom Foolery - Waddling with Penguins, Hotdogger's, Tribute to Rob's Mom
July 13, 2022

Rob discusses a book he may be writing about his career high and low points.  They guys are excited about reaching their 10,000 streaming download.  If this is the 1st one you are checking out, welcome to Fool Nation!  Tommy gets to visit probably his favorite place on Earth and thats Superman's Home, "Metropolis"!  Take a guess what the guy's kryptonite might be!?!?!


The guys discuss a new way to promote the podcast and it might have to do with advertising bricks.  Tommy tells us what his particular dog breeds are bread for.  This week is Running of the Bulls, and the guys would be interested in doing this if it was more like waddling with the penguins.   


In Fool History we learn all about the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile and the Hotdogger's who drive them.  Also congratulations to Joey Chestnut for breaking his hot dog eating record.


Rob discusses the passing of his mother Julie and how the Toni and Trish house in Auburn, MI took such good care of her in her last few days..


As always, please feel free to email the guys any questions, show topics, pictures of what you collect, or dog of the week submissions at