Ep: 053 - a Little Tom Foolery - Part 2 with comedian Paul Hooper (Amazing & Hilarious!!!)
July 05, 2022

PART 2 with Paul Hooper!!  Paul is one of the most unique and interesting comedians on the road today.  Paul is the last of his blood line and the guys find out why.   The guys talk hecklers in the south.  Tommy does his best to FOOL Paul and Rob with the game Stump Rob & Paul.  If you love cats, you are really going to love a portion of this cast!  


Paul also discusses how he gets his record label.  Paul also recorded a new album that may or may not be coming out soon!  Stay tuned.  We know he can afford to put out an album after hearing what the internet says his Net Worth is...


There was so much in this show that we had to make it 2 episodes.  So enjoy Part 2 with Paul Hooper!


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