Ep: 050 - a Little Tom Foolery - Part 1 with comedian Steven Rogers (You'll Crack Up!)
May 24, 2022

Part 1 of our phenomenal interview with comic Steven Rogers originally from Syracuse, NY now New York, NY.  Just coming off the release of his 1st album "Before He Was Super" and his late night appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, the guys are happy to have him.


The guys talk about Steve's time in New York during the pandemic, his new girlfriend, and his hairless pet cat you have to watch on YouTube to believe!  His hilarious NYE story is worth listening in on, just by itself.  Then the guys discuss Steve's "day time set" on James Corden and the thing Steven is most worried about after his performance that you will NEVER guess!!!  


Since Steven wasn't able to join the guys for Rob's Birthday Roast, he decided to bring up a story of a hike he did with Rob in New York and how one of them almost died.  


From pics of Steven as a kid to his obsession of swimming naked this episode is packed with hilarity!


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