Ep: 049 - a Little Tom Foolery - Gutter Dusters, 4/20, Impressions & More.
April 21, 2022

The guys talk about being on bowling leagues and the dangers of slick and dry lanes!  Then how bowling, horseshoes, and corn hole are all sports you don't have to be in the best physique.


Rob is struggling with a neuroma in his right foot and might need surgery!  Both guys have received Liquid Death on their door stops and are totally quenched, but have no idea where it came from.  The guys wish Tommy's dad Happy Birthday on 4/20 which brings up the discussion about why that relates to marijuana.  Do you know?  


Since Rob is ordained he gave a fellow comic a bunch of advice on performing a wedding for a friend.  Then Tommy busts out some amazing impressions which he is the BEST at.  Collectible Corner shows off some fun silly things the guys collect.  You probably don't know Tim Berners-Lee but if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't be able to do MOST of what we do in our normal lives.  


As always, please feel free to email the guys any questions, show topics, pictures of what you collect, or dog of the week submissions at