Ep: 047 - a Little Tom Foolery - Delta No Help Ya, April Fools, Deadly Collectibles & More.
April 05, 2022

Tommy has a nightmare travel day from Minneapolis to Cincinnati basically mimicking Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.  Rob has an amazing weekend in Tampa discussing his love of a bidet!  Rob has some trips back and forth to Michigan and will be ordaining a wedding of one of his good friends coming up!  Rob then extends the olive branch to some local comics and offers them some comedy gigs.  


Rob is in the process of building a new seawall on the side of his deck along with a small doghouse style replica of his work shed to put over his sprinkler system.  While Tommy is paying someone to put up a new wood fence and contemplates on putting a window in the fence for his dogs and the neighbors dogs to see each other and have a chat.


The guys find out April Fools Day is the worst day when you have an actual emergency!  Taco Bell and The US Government have one of the best April Fools bits that the guys have ever heard!  Then the Ringling Brothers create Unicorns!!!


Then the guys have fun with their new segment Collectible Corner and show off some new items they are collecting.


As always, please feel free to email the guys any questions, show topics, pictures of what you collect, or dog of the week submissions at