Ep: 046 - a Little Tom Foolery - Party Troll, Celebrity Slap, Collectibles, & Much More.
Mar. 30, 2022

Tommy had a fun week doing a show for nurses and got up close and personal with 1 special nurse!  Since the ship Rob was working on ran aground in the Dominican Republic he's home and started building a house!  


Rob's last album finally hit iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and so much more after years he thought it was already up but on a technicality it never was uploaded so now it is!  Also, Tommy's new album "Party Troll" will be released May 3rd so pre-order it now on iTunes.


Speaking of trolls, Rob deals with one thats from his home town that had something to say about a bit on his Dry Bar Special!  The guys also discuss algorithms and how certain words will get your comedy bits more traction online.  


In Fool News the guys discuss the Will Smith/Chris Rock incident on the Oscars.  And we also learn some Oscars trivia during Stump Rob.  Then the guys introduce a new segment called "Collectible Corner" - See what they collect.


Fools in History we learn about Sewards Folly, which is just another word for Fool, and how William Seward negotiated the deal to buy Alaska, which was looked at by Americans as a huge mistake...


As always, please feel free to email the guys any questions, show topics, pictures of what you collect, or dog of the week submissions at