Ep: 045 - a Little Tom Foolery - Ship Abort, Hissing Roach, Hazing, & Much More.
Mar. 24, 2022

We start this episode with Rob's debacle on a cruise ship that ran aground in the Dominican Republic.  The guys discuss their taxes and how an emotional support cat helps you through the pain of having to pay.  Tommy wins a comedy competition and the guys discuss how much money they made in their first paid gig.


Tommy discusses a show he used to produce with his mom where it was a stand up comedy, sketches, and music.  Rob talks about his cable access show when he first started and it was almost on the same level as Saturday Night Live.  Almost...


During Tommy's birthday (aka St. Patricks Day) there seems to be a lot of robberies, does this have something to do with Tommy's Birthday?.  The guys also discuss the best present to give your sweetie for Valentines Day would be a hissing roach!  And so much more!!!


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