Ep: 042 - a Little Tom Foolery - Remembering Olive, Cosplay, Soundtracks & So Much More.
Feb. 22, 2022

Tommy's sweet dog Olive has gone to doggie heaven and the guys give her a beautiful going away...


The guys talk about a new club that just opened by one of the best owners in the business.  Rob does some Shakespeare cosplay on a cruise and walks the red carpet for over 3 hours taking pics.  Tommy works with some burly dairy men and talks shop on who's the best cheese maker!  The guys talk flea market lingo, and Tommy visits a power plant to see manatees.  Rob explains how much swimming with a manatee will change your life and how much you will want to own one.


Rob gets to go to a Bassmaster Elite Series final championship in his new hometown of Leesburg, FL and gets to meet some of the Michael Jordan's of Fishing.  Tommy tries to Stump Rob with 80's Hair Band trivia.  Then the guys discuss which movies had the best sound tracks.  Whats your favorite?  


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