Ep: 041 - a Little Tom Foolery - Sleep Deprived, Gifts for Mom Birthdays, Facing Fears and More.
Feb. 02, 2022

The 1st show of Season 3 was shot so early in the morning that Rob struggles between reality and the dream world.  Rob and Tommy's mom's share birthday's very close and Rob makes a huge mistake in posting his mom's incorrect birthday.  Tommy has quite a gift for his mother on her birthday but there are many clauses to his gift.  


Tommy performs with a Thorny Violet at a house of Lords and Ladies...  Rob faces a club for the first time as a headliner where the only other time he showed his face in this club was when he bombed the worst he has ever done in his career.  Tommy uses an old note book of his jokes to play a game with the audience.


The guys would like to ride bikes, but you know, the pandemic has a strong arm on bike sales, but what the pandemic doesn't control is the world playing "Wordle".  As always the guys discuss Fools in the News and Fools in History!


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