Ep: 039 - a Little Tom Foolery - Chase Your Enthusiasm, Anxiety in Silence, Hazing, & More...
Jan. 18, 2022

Tommy goes back to school where he finds himself in the middle of the gym talking to the teachers.  Some people's worst nightmare!  Rob grew up with very little family and is now finding new family all over the country!  


Then the guys welcome very funny comedian Chase O'Donnell from Los Angeles, who tours with Christina P and works on the show Curb Your Enthusiasm.  We learn what it takes to be a good PA on a huge show like Curb.  Chase learns that her bathroom codes aren't the same as everyone else's so she creates her own!  So basically, seasons 10 and on wouldn't have happened without Chase O'Donnell.  


The guys learn Chase is a dog whisper by close up contact with a wiener!  And you think your doctor is great, Chase's doctor is Dr. Drew Pinsky.


Lots of fun, so listen up!  Leave a comment to please!