Ep: 038 - a Little Tom Foolery - Mom's Life Alert, Mistaken for Girls, Hog Heart & More...
Jan. 12, 2022

Rob's mom was rushed to the hospital and this Fool is a nervous wreck!  The guys both have shows this past week that were awesome and in Rob's show he got to meet his new step family.  The guys discuss times they were both mistaken for the opposite sex.  Tommy's Cat tries to become a new Fool Host!  Rob receives lots of gifts from fans including a T-Shirt from his favorite band the Hipakritz from Saginaw, Michigan (Check them out!).  In Fool News we learn about a man that receives a Hog Heart and wonder if he will still want to eat bacon! 


With Rob being on such a high from his past weeks shows, Tommy gives him a new Stump Rob to try to bring him down a few pegs and we learn some awesome Ocean Trivia!  Dog of the Week might have a secret message implanted in the chest that Nicholas Cage might use in a new movie!  If you are enjoying these, please leave us some comments and tell us what you like and what you would want more of!