Ep: 037 - a Little Tom Foolery - Resolutions, NYE Shows, Rob's Roast Recap, & More...
Jan. 05, 2022

The guys both discuss their Christmas's where they received gifts from awesome podcast listeners and showed off some other special gifts they got.  Then both guys played Funnybone's for NYE which Tommy was in Omaha and Rob was in Albany.  Tommy played with some other headlining comics and Rob did some mentoring with the comics he worked with.

Rob discussed the previous podcasts where his buddies roasted him and how much he appreciated that.  Then the guys discuss their New Years Resolutions, lets see if yours coincide with theirs.  

They are excited to show off the first 2022 Dog of the Week.  Our game Stump Rob is back and lets see if we or he can win this game.  Tommy is excited to shoot a new Cameo for a fan!  And we all learn a lot from Fools in History!  So much more and of course the guys bring the funny!