Ep: 036 - a Little Tom Foolery - The Birthday Roast of Rob Little with many special guests!
Dec. 21, 2021

Rob is some what obsessed with his birthday month of December!  Even going so far to change the name of the month to Robember.  Some might call this narcissism but Rob see's it as trying to take a crappy thing (having a birthday on Christmas Eve) and trying to bring awareness of it for a whole month even though he has never had a legitimate birthday party.  So following this self centered behavior, Rob took it upon himself to gather some of his favorite comics on earth, all of which worked with him for years on the road, and asked them to take time out of their busy successful schedules to entertain him by roasting the hell out of him.  


Rob knowing these guys would take it seriously he was prepared to be burned and when they all showed up...  Well, this happened...