Ep: 035 - a Little Tom Foolery - Preparing for the Holidays, Mystery Gift from a Fan, Roast Talk, & More
Dec. 14, 2021

Rob prepares for family coming to his house over the holidays and shows off his Santa Fishing collection or Fishing Nutcrackers and learns what the word "Completist" is.  Tommy's Great Dane enjoys it's first snow fall while Rob enjoys hot days in Florida.  Tommy Does a day time corporate show for city workers and crushes while judging their ugly sweater contest.  Tommy books a gig at a college that is a Harry Potter trivia show and he uses his wand collection to seal the deal.  Then Tommy gets a mystery gift from someone he doesn't even know, while Rob gets some gifts from some friends/fans that are awesome for his house!   The guys talk about the Roast of Rob next podcast with all of Rob's past opening acts.