Ep: 034 - a Little Tom Foolery - Party Troll, Mitch Hedberg Story, Pope and a Brothel, & More
Dec. 08, 2021

Tommy's LIVE ALBUM recording went great!!!  Rob had a show for a New York Club that left him on a basketball court.  Then the standing ovations ran rapid for Rob in Naples and Columbus!  Then Rob is reminded of a week he had when he 1st started where he was the feature act for Mitch Hedberg and something crazy happened!  The result made Doug Stanhope retaliate towards the club.  Tommy has a huge ordeal trying to make a Christmas Card with his family.  Rob finally starts receiving residuals for his Dry Bar Special.  He also has someone break into his truck but takes nothing.  One of our Patreon members made us some cool "Stump Rob" stickers!  Our game Stump Rob produces a tragic outcome.  Fools in History talks about splinter-free toilet paper, a cardboard robber, a Pope who runs a brothel, and paper from the Philippines.  And Fool News brings us some Foolish Inventions.