Ep: 032 - a Little Tom Foolery - Naming a special, Pure Michigan, Angry Hecklers, and More...
Nov. 16, 2021

The guys discuss Tommy's taping of his new special.  What should Tommy name his special?  Rob hacks up a lung while in Michigan.  Two weeks of touring almost every single night in Michigan is taking a toll on Rob.  The new Marvel movie, Eternals, has put a spell on Rob.  Tommy takes advantage of being a single rider at Disney.  Rob and Tommy both have to deal with some disrespectful hecklers.  We meet a Fool that has more Darth Vader items than Tommy has Legos.  Rob's nephew might have found his real dad, now how do we contact him?  Fools in History, deal with Twinkies, Whale Explosions, a Tricky Dick, zoo animals, condoms, and a real Fool that dangles a baby from a hotel window.