Ep: 030 - a Little Tom Foolery - eBay Issues, Costumes, Favorite Halloween Candy, and More...
Oct. 27, 2021

Rob comes home from a cruise to find huge issues with eBay and the county he lives in.  Tommy performs at a Movie Theater so bring your popcorn!  Halloween is coming up and Tommy has a fun costume him and his wife are wearing, and the guys discuss their favorite candies!  Do we finally Stump Rob in one of the casts favorite games?  Fools in History takes us from Kings to Popes to The Terminator and finally to the War of the Worlds.  We find out robbing a bank with something special will get you in the Fool News!  


This weeks Joke Off Competition was so horrible we didn't even leave it in the podcast so please submit ideas or topics for future episodes (no phrases), write us at!  Send in your suggestions please!