Ep: 029 - a Little Tom Foolery - Dry Bar Special, Mini Golf, Reef Fishing, Joke Off & more...
Oct. 15, 2021

Tommy just finished taping his 2nd Dry Bar Comedy Special in Utah for Season 9.  Rob shoots the podcast at a beach in Bermuda!  Rob has an amazing week in Bermuda dominating Mini Golf against a Magician and a Vegas Singer.  Then Rob went Reef Fishing with 2 other entertainers, Rob Rasner (Magician) and Emily Yates (Vegas Singer).  Rob Little caught the biggest and the most! Amber Jack was the biggest Lane Snappers are what we caught the most of Emily caught a Squirrel Fish which was the scariest and we threw back immediately. Rob the magician caught 1 Yellow Tail Snapper which looked damn near like the Lane Snapper Rob also caught the Speckled Red Hind And I caught a French Grunt.  


Rob incorporates a smog machine in his theater show and no one can see him.  Tommy and Rob have their first official Joke Off Competition.  Please take a listen and let us know who you think WON!  Email us at


Of course we had a blast learning some interesting facts about Fish during one of our favorite games, Stump Rob!  There is a lure for sale on eBay Rob wants but is waiting for the price to come down ( 


Rob and Tommy draw the words that will be worked on for the Joke Competition where listeners send in topics and the guys will write jokes for them!  If you want to submit ideas or topics for future episodes, write us at!  Send in your suggestions please!