Ep: 028 - a Little Tom Foolery - Crystal Caves, Animal Covid Tests, Bomb Building & so much more...
Oct. 15, 2021

After taping a whole episode that didn't record the guys bring to you a more polished podcast!  This week Rob does an excursion where he visits Crystal Caves and the Bermuda Aquarium in the island of Bermuda.  Tommy explains animals spit for Covid tests instead of the q-tips up the nostrils.  No matter what happens with the guys, the show must go on.  Tommy plays Disc Golf in the rain in his show clothes.  The guys discuss what Tommy should wear for his new Dry Bar Special.  Our newest Patreon subscriber sent in pics of her dog for Dog of the Week!  The new segment, "Fool Nation News" of some foolish things people have done in their lives from all over the world.  Rob's dad gives cologne to an albino skunk!  Tommy and his neighbors build a bomb!  Rob takes the song, "The Roof is on Fire", a little too far.  Tommy's 2 small dogs are confused why his 3rd dog, a great dane, is getting so much bigger.  


Rob and Tommy draw the words that will be worked on for the Joke Competition where listeners send in topics and the guys will write jokes for them!  If you want to submit ideas or topics for future episodes, write us at!  Send in your suggestions please!