Ep: 027 - a Little Tom Foolery - New Dry Bar, Hot Tub Drinking, Ice Cream Headaches & so much more...
Oct. 06, 2021

Rob is rocking the Norwegian Breakaway while he gets hit on by several men in the gay community on the ship.  Tommy is super excited about going to Utah to shoot his 2nd Dry Bar Special.  Tommy has the house alone and goes crazy reading comics!  Gooo Tommy!  Rob spends a whole day in the hot tub with guests on the cruise ship getting drunk.  Rob sees guests get caught in the water slide and have to be let out via a trap door.  The guys are coming up with designs for their new T-Shirts that have their slogan "Fool Nation" or "Stump Rob" on it...  Speaking of Stump Rob, this week's competition is Rob's favorite, Ice Cream!  Tommy and Rob run for president in the future, Rob has to walk 2 miles in NYC to make it back to the ship, and so much more!!!


Rob and Tommy want to have a competition where listeners send in topics and the guys will write jokes for them!  Write us at!  Send in your suggestions please!