Ep: 026 - a Little Tom Foolery - Cruising with Covid, Dancing Dogs, New Album & so much more...
Oct. 01, 2021

Rob rocks Chicago and relives his fraternity days.  Tommy's great dane learns to ball room dance.  Rob takes more covid tests than a person should have to in one day!  The cruise ships are basically back to normal other than...  Tommy plays disc golf and one of the discs lands in a freeway and almost initiates terror!  Rob finds himself all alone on a ship of a few thousand and gambles on his check!  Tommy's dogs crash the cast.  The guys debate if they need to get into shape to make a Little Tom Foolery Calendar!  Tommy announced that his album is in the works and has signed with a record label.  The guys debate what the next great piece of merchandise will be that comics will sell on the road.  The guys discuss whats the best way to sign a comedy clubs wall.  Tommy auditions for Survivor!!!  


This episode is jam packed with all kinds of foolishness and although we didn't have time to fit in our usual games, the time flew by with all our happenings.  Don't be an idiot, join the Fool Nation!