Ep: 025 - a Little Tom Foolery - Messing with Mayors, Smother Brother's, Patron Saints & more...
Sept. 22, 2021

Tommy and Rob both do shows where the mayor of that city was in their audience.  Rob got to meet the legendary Smother Brothers!  The guys reminisce about the 1st comedians they ever saw live.  Rob discusses the updates to his dock regarding the plumbing, electrical, and railing.  Tommy picked up some new giant lures for me and visited a guy that Rob strives to be like.  The guys discuss new shows they are obsessed with.  Rob accidentally feeds gators!  Can Tommy STUMP Rob?  If the guys could become Saints, what would they be the Patron Saint of?  Tommy joins a Dart Ball League.  All of this while the guys celebrate Ice Cream Cone Day!