Ep: 022 - a Little Tom Foolery - Part 1 with comedian Pete Lee (LOTS of Laughs!!!)
Aug. 31, 2021

Tommy goes glamping with his wife and dogs and his dogs take over the air mattress.  Rob tells his infamous engagement story that almost sounds like a nightmare but turns out phenomenal.  Then the guys welcome Comedian Pete Lee in a very special 2 part series where in the 1st part we get to discuss Pete's unique way of holding a mic on stage.  His awesome warm up act before him for his new Showtime Special, "Tall, Dark, and Pleasant".  Pete entertains us with his worst bombing story.  Pete gets distracted by his new girlfriend sending him exciting x-rated photos during the podcast and we help Pete reply with his own unique photos.  Pete then discusses a new bit that has brought him to the edgier side of comedy along with his new edgier look.