Ep: 021 - a Little Tom Foolery - Shark Fishing, Tornado Danger,  Guinness Records & more...
Aug. 24, 2021

Tommy works with Kevin Nealon and steels his cookies!  Rob's week in Myrtle Beach was filled with all kinds of excitement including shark fishing and hanging out with ex-convicts.  Tommy's shooting the podcast while a tornado warning is in effect.  He admits he was deathly afraid of tornados growing up but recently lost his fear and drove through a tornado.  WHAT!!!  Minnie, Tommy's Great Dane is pushing 80 pounds and is up to 8 cups of food per day.  The guys discuss all the Guinness Book of Records dealing with stand up comedians.  The biggest dog we've ever had as Dog of the Week.  And the guys announce a fun guest for next week!  Don't be a FOOL, listen in...