Ep: 020 - a Little Tom Foolery - Cancun, Land Cruising, Twins, Dogs in Hats & more...
Aug. 18, 2021

Rob's spends the week in Cancun Land Cruising, Tommy celebrates with Twins and in the end gives his dogs some ice cream bowl hats to wear.  Rob rents a uHaul as a rental car around Myrtle Beach.  Tommy plans a camping trip while his wife sells her creations at a fair.  Rob cheats in reading as a kid to win a prize he isn't even around to collect.  You won't believe how good Tommy is at Impressions and will they ever Stump Rob with riddles?  You probably have never seen a dog like this, and we take you back to Woodstock where I bet you didn't know this.  Whether you are listening to the cast or watching it on YouTube, you are going to laugh, learn, and be dumbfounded this episode!