Ep: 019 - a Little Tom Foolery - Tattoos, Partying in Vegas, Power Dock, Death Row & more...
Aug. 11, 2021

Rob's getting estimates for electrical out to his dock and also needs to get a plumber out for some plumbing to clean those fish!  Tommy goes to Vegas to party with some other comedic friends and watch them tape they're new episodes.  Tommy also got to party briefly with Brad Garret from "Everybody Loves Raymond".  Rob figures out why his latest DVD isn't on Pandora.  The Guys discuss what kind of tattoo's they would get and when they would get them.  An ex-girlfriend surprises Rob with a tattoo, but don't ever surprise Rob because he hates it!  Tommy shows off his latest gift from Rob and it's SUPER!  Rob grows up and actually makes his 1st order through Starbucks.