Ep: 014 - a Little Tom Foolery - NYC, Tropical Storm, Decking is delivered & MORE...
July 07, 2021

Tommy is rocking NYC with his positive attitude.  Rob get his trex decking for his new dock.  Tommy's named after a NY Cat.  Does Rob need to get more permits for the electrical work on his new dock!?  Tommy is getting his walk on in NYC, walking over bridges and visiting the 911 Memorial.  Tommy's also doing shows with some big wigs in comedy all around NYC.  Tommy visits his holy land of the Lego Store and in front of the store is a woman passed out!  Smells, Rats, and blistering weather makes the perfect time to visit NY.  Rob revisits P90X!  Tommy brags about his upper body strength.  Rob announces he collects ice cream signs, he's also struggling to put up a misting kit inside his pergola, and is debating to join the Elks Club.